Term 1, 2017

I am busy preparing for 2017 Just Chillin' Out classes.  
Hi! At this stage I have 2 spots in the Monday 4pm class and 3 spots in the Wednesday 4pm class for Term 1, 2017. Please contact me for more info.

**  12/12/16 CLASSES FULL  **


These ADORABLE Happily Made Monkey's are about to hit the shelf.  I'm pretty sure they are going to run out the door.  The monkeys are fair trade hand knitted in Phnom Penh, Cambodia  by empowered women being able to earn an income at their own pace.  

We are now a PROUD retailer for Northern Lights pure beeswax candles!

Northern Light's longest burning tealight – designed so that every drop of the bees wax is used. No wastage and the safest fume rating of any candle.

These tealights are made from 100% organically certified Australian beeswax and cotton candlewick.

Safe, economical and created by a company that cares for bees.

Melbourne Weekly SOUTH EAST review

In this weeks Weekly Review a little article about Reiki appears.  A couple of months ago I gave reporter Jane Hone a Reiki treatment and I'd kind of forgotten about it until I got a call to say the review was going to appear in this weeks issue.

I like Jane's humour and hopefully it will bring some Women to the clinic that may not have thought about having a Reiki treatment before.  I'm so happy that they mentioned I see children as well -- it's a growing thing -- I am seeing more and more children and I love seeing how well they respond -- total heart love.