Hi my name is Justine, I am a Reiki Master & meditation teacher.

Reiki is a holistic practice that focuses healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. All my healings include a guided meditation, healing oils, in a safe space for you to unwind. Reiki is a great self care companion.

Spreading glitter and splashing you with insight, I use Reiki and relaxation techniques to help assist balance mind, body & spirit.

I see both women and children for sessions.  

What a pleasure it is to teach meditation to children and also to offer Reiki 1 classes to children. All my classes are small and intimate.

I have a counselling diploma and I am a Reiki Master.

I am a member of Reiki Australia and have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability (PI&PL) insurance.

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Justine Telfer (middle)
A mother of two girls a Reiki Master and a lover of essential oils and the power they give.  I didn’t start out thinking I would be working with children but the universe had different ideas!  Now in my third year of Just Chillin’ Out classes and loving planting seeds of positive intention and tools for having healthy self esteem to all the beautiful children that cross my path.  I love what I do and I know that the best is yet to come!  I welcome my two earth angels into the fold in 2017, Skye & Kylie.


Skye Greer (left)
A mother of two who studied massage therapy & loves to dance. I love working with children, they are so honest and sweet.  I teach the kids different stretching techniques and the difference their body feels between being tense and relaxed.  In the Just Chilllin' Out classes we focus on breathing and fun ways to notice how to bring their breath into their tummies, providing a sense of calm.  Watching the kids during a session it’s wonderful to see them embrace meditation and be really present in the moment.


Kylie Dowsing (right)
Teaches Thursday 4-5pm Just Chillin' Out Classes

A mother of two with a background in massage therapy and many years of practising yoga.  A year ago I would not have dreamed I would be working with children to help them find inner happiness. After connecting with Justine at a Reiki Retreat, I discovered how important self-care is and it set me on this wonderful journey of finding my bliss.  I feel fortunate to be given this opportunity and to be able to share my knowledge and passion with some amazing people.