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At Seven Points Holistic Healing we provide a supportive and caring environment to assist clients with their healing journey.

We offer Reiki & Massage treatments and Yoga classes.  We run small classes, private/corporate sessions  for adults and children. Allow us to help you guide you on your way to inner peace, living a life of gratitude in harmony and balance, health and healing well being.



Reiki is a way of life at Seven Points.  Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing.  It rejuvenates and balance’s the body’s energy centres, provides comfort, relaxation and helps relieve pain and stress. Reiki induces a sense of self-empowerment which leads to clarity.




7 things about Reiki by Seven Points Holistic Healing

7 things about Reiki

New to Reiki or not quite sure what it is all about?
Here's a quick fire list of seven things that will help you understand what it is and how it can help.


Yoga Sunday Session Bentleigh


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Doterra Essential Oils

We both use and recommend Doterra Oils. You can book in for a 30 min info session, you will receive a 5ml Wild Orange and $10 off your first order.


At Seven Points our classes are intimate, relaxed and welcoming. We offer classes for all ages and all skill levels; each class providing modifications and opportunities to build on or deepen your current practice.

A typical yoga class connects the breath with fluid and smooth movements to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Seven Points Holisting Healing Justine

Justine Telfer

Reiki & Meditation

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher with a counselling diploma who sees both women and children for Reiki healings. I teach Reiki 1 & 2 throughout the year and also run retreats for women. I run classes called  just Chillin’ Out  which introduce mindfulness and meditation to children aged 4-14.  I also facilitate meditation circles for women 

I use and recommend doterra oils in all the work I do and provide informative monthly oil workshops.  Always a sensitive soul, I finally learned that I could use it for my life’s purpose.  I have an affinity to children and they seem to be drawn to me.  I have a great deal of empathy and compassion which allows me to deeply understand my client’s needs.  I have two gorgeous daughters who teach me so much, daily!

Seven Points Holistic Healing Kylie

Kylie Dowsing

Yoga & Massage

As a mother of two teenage children I have learnt that taking care of yourself is the most important priority, by maintaining balance in our lives and living well we can ensure we are the best version of ourselves. I have explored many healing practices with a background in massage therapy, Reiki and meditation, my most recent challenge, yet most exciting has been completing my 500hr Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Training.  I am grateful for being able to share my knowledge and passion of self-care with the wider community.

I am committed to finding the right approach to achieve the best possible outcome for you, going beyond the physical and looking at the big picture taking into consideration diet, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awareness, helping you to find a happier healthier you, bringing you back to your true self.

I understand the body’s capacity to recover with massage but believe it’s not just about treating the symptoms but finding the cause of the problem to improve the treatment outcome.


A meditation session can include guided imagery, deep body relaxation or techniques like focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to promote a sense of wellness and self fulfillment.



At Seven Points we offer therapeutic massage. It can help relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, relieve anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation throughout the entire body.