In each class we focus on:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Guided meditation

  • Confident speaking

  • Self-awareness

  • Social connection

  • Exploring interests and feelings creatively

Classes are small. Cost is $20 per class paid in advance per term.
Classes held during VIC school terms only

and breath. mindfulness for kids

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What a fantastic idea for our kids! My son has been doing the Just Chillin Out classes at Seven Points Holistic Healing since the start of the year and loves it. We have noticed that it has helped his confidence and he is generally happier. He has loved doing this class with other kids around his own age and has learnt techniques to help him when he is feeling stressed. Bringing home techniques and momentos they have worked on in the class is a good reminder for him to practice what he has been taught about caring for himself. We would definitely recommend this program to others.

– Kate ( mum of 12y/o boy)

Doing meditation is so much fun. I have met new people and have a really good time talking about our weekends and whatever we want to. After it's finished I feel so calm and less stressed and it's so helpful if you've had a hectic day because you can just clam down and have fun. Every time I go everyone's had a laugh and we all really enjoy the games that we play during class and it's such a nice environment to be in. Overall it's just such an amazing thing to do and once a week is just the perfect amount you need to get through the week.

– Flynn aged 11

Indi loves going to Just Chillin Out classes each Monday, she has learnt such skills as compassion, appreciation and to think and breathe. Such skills that are necessary in this fast paced world. Indi has learnt the skills to calm herself, appreciate what she has and to know you can change the emotion of the moment. Fun games, a little bit of art, and mediation is the best spent hour in her week. I highly recommend any child to do this class, Justine is wonderful.

– Kerry, Mum

A friend recommended Just Chillin Out classes for our daughter, Jessica, who was experiencing anxiety. After speaking with Justine and finding out what she covers in the classes, I felt very confident in sending Jessica to these classes. Each week Jessica has come home from the class raving on about how good it was. She keeps a diary of what she learns in each class and all the craft items she makes in the classes are on display in her bedroom. Since doing these classes, combined with cognitive behavioural therapy, Jessica has flourished and has conquered her anxiety. Thank you Justine!

– Renee, Mum