End of year 2014 - Girls Meditation


So this afternoon was the last Monday class of this year and we celebrated in glitter!

It was a fun ending to this term.  A few tears in our circle time and reflection about what had been learnt.

I asked them to tell me what meditation meant to them:

  • relaxation
  • a time to forget about whats going on
  • letting it all go
  • time to refresh your mind
  • calming yourself down
  • relaxing my mind and focusing on my body
  • forgetting everything around you and letting go

I also asked them what was one thing they learnt that they could take out into their everyday:

  • I have learnt to go to my garden in my head and let go of my frustration
  • I have a special place inside to relax whenever I want
  • I have a guardian angel that tells me I'm ok
  • I can smell my 'balance' oil to be calm
  • I can use my worry jar or the worry tree and let my worries go

What a pleasure it has been to share the skills of mediation to 7-10 year old girls - may it stand them in good stead now and forever.


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