Chakra Balancing & Meditation Workshop

My Reiki Master Caron and I are running a Chakra Balancing/Meditation workshop over winter.

It will be held in  my studio here in Bentleigh. 

An intimate and beautiful journey for 5 women.

This workshop will generate a high level of personal inquiry through purposed designed creative visualizations for each chakra.  You will become aware of and explore and clear suppressed emotions, balance and learn techniques to free the energetic system.

Each session we will explore

  • Colour
  • Sound
  • Positive affirmations
  • Mantras
  • Crystals
  • Oils and of course REIKI!

Spaces are up for grabs right now and it's first in best dressed.

The cost is $250 or $220 concession) for the 8 sessions that will run over 16 weeks. 


Thursday June 5  7.30-9.30pm - Healing Circle

Thursday June 19 7.30-9.30pm - Base

Thursday July  3  7.30-9.30pm - Sacral

Thursday July 17  7.30-9.30pm - Solar Plexus

Thursday July 31  7.30-9.30pm - Heart

Thursday August 14  7.30-9.30pm - Throat

Thursday August 28 7.30-9.30pm - Third Eye

Thursday September 11 7.30-9.30pm - Crown