Option 1

On a good day I would rise at 5.55am, go into our office and sit for half an hour and meditate.  By 6.30 I would have a warm cup of water with lemon and my breakfast.  7am would see our two girls and my husband rise.  I hop into the shower, get dressed etc.  While the rest of the family is getting ready I make lunches and get them all breakfast. By 8am I have done all the morning tasks and I can get on with the day calmly!

Option 2

On a bad day my alarm will go off 5 TIMES and I will rise at 8am rushing like a mad woman – making sandwiches for the girls with stale bread, drinking a cold espresso and not eating a sustainable breakfast. The girls will eat a muesli bar for breakfast or a bit of toast. We will get to school and childcare right on the dot and I’m then left at 9.05am wanting to go back to bed and start again tomorrow.

Now both these examples are my reality.  With a bit of planning the night before and with the help of a good night sleep option 2 should not even be an option!

To achieve option 1, I need to know that I am doing it for my peace of mind and for my self-care.  When I do this the flow of love and calm filters through my family.

Our soon to be 10 year old LOVES routine (it keeps her calm) and I have avoided it for years, wanting to be a free spirit and all.  BUT rushing around with my head chopped off does not serve my family well or me. 

So hey wish me luck when my alarm goes off at 5.55am and let the first day of spring radiate awesomeness!

Here is a great article on rising early.


This is a little peak of my self care routine and the people that help me.
I practice Reiki everyday on myself.

I write a journal (most days).

I do one Pilates class with Amanda weekly Gardenvale Physiotherapy & Pilates - Amanda is also my physio.

I have regular healings with Yas Balanced Heart Centre.

I see Suz Melbourne Kinesiology Clinic for kinesiology.

I have weekly contact with Caron my Reiki Master Hidden Senses , and my business mentor Vickie Burkinshaw.

I use Doterra Oils Abundant Vision daily.

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