Do you practice meditation/mindfulness?  I have a lot of people tell me they can't or they don't have time to. There is a great Buddha saying:


So what it all comes down to is choice.  We all have the same amount of hours in the day and we can all choose how we want to spend them.  For me personally I need to schedule the time to dedicate to my quiet/meditation time and for me that is at 6AM before my family get out of bed in the morning.  If I happen to miss my morning session I will take short 5 min bursts  throughout the day to practice being mindful.  Being mindful for me is being present with whatever situation I am in, keeping my head where my hands are and not projecting into the future or looking to the past.  I make the time to meditate as I don't like feeling anxious or angry, I'd much rather feel at peace with the world.

Like anything it takes time to learn to meditate and there are so many different types.  Did you know that colouring in Mandalas can be used as a form of meditation?  How?

  • Relaxes you
  • It balances your body, mind & spirit
  • Enhances your creativity & self expression
  • Increases your self awareness

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