Chakra Dance

My good friend Tina is  in the throws of launching her business, Raw Mojo.  She is a chakra dance facilitator and will no doubt go on to offer an assortment of soul nurturing modalities.

Her blog posts are chock full of information, links and great images.  Her latest post was on her Third Eye meditation  at our fortnightly catch ups here at Seven Points.

I think her classes will be up and running in November and I will be sure to share all the details with you once they are set in concrete.

What is Chakra Dance?

You move to music created to resonate with the vibrations of each of your 7 major chakras.  You dance with your eyes mainly closed, and your attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is about making a connection with your inner world – the world of  imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

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