Weekly Meditation


Last Thursday we finished our Winter Chakra Meditation group.  We met on and off for about three months.  It was the first class run at Seven Points and it was very close to my heart.  There were 6 of us all together and we all agree that a strong bond was formed.  I am not going to run another workshop this side of Christmas but I invite you to join me on Wednesday nights from 7-8.30pm ( $10)  to come and experience different types of meditation's, run by me.  All I ask is that you txt me on the Wednesday and let me know you will be coming 0408 375 961.


I love that Suz kept in theme with the Crown Chakra painting her nails this brilliant purple colour :).

In Term 4, which is next week I also have the first lot of Children's Mindfulness/Meditation starting - I can't wait to see what unfolds...

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