Creating a sacred spot

In my work, I always suggest that you try and create a space ( no matter how big or small) somewhere in your house where you can go and feel peaceful. Why?  So you have somewhere to go to meditate, write a gratitude list, journal, draw/colour, practice the affirmations I've given you in a Reiki /Meditation session.  

In your sacred space you will want to put some key pieces that mean something to you on a small table or chair ( I use an old tree stump in my room).  Items you may include might be: A dream catcher, bowl, crystals, stones, photos or images and of course some gorgeous oil diffusing!  You could have a nice big cushion where you can sit or lay down depending.

In my Children's meditation classes each week we make something that they can add to their sacred space at home.  We've made dream catchers, protective eyes and beautifully coloured clay bowls.  We do a lot of drawing, colouring and mandala art.  You know what?  You are NEVER too young for any of this!

Just spending a little bit of time each day honouring and acknowledging your thoughts and actions puts you in  a mindful and present space.