Sensual Seed Oracle Cards

I am PROUD to be a stockist of the divine sensual seed oracle cards.  I met Christine,  the lady who turned her idea into a reality over the week-end.  So much love and energy has gone into this project.

Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck is a powerful tool to connect with that inner voice of the Divine Feminine within, who knows everything, and always has the perfect guidance.

Each card in this deck comes with a vivid hand-painted image in acrylic colour to inspire and uplift your mood.

As you connect with the card image and allow yourself to be inspired by its theme, you may discover that the accompanying channeled message resonates with the issue or question you have in mind. With these cards, you will find clarity, comfort, guidance and a friendly encouragement when you need it the most!

For every card and every message in the deck, there is also an elaborate message in the handy guidebook. It is meant to provide you with greater insight into the truth of your situation. Accept what resonates with you and act on it while letting go of that which doesn’t.

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