Marianne Williamson

I was lucky enough to see Marianne Williamson speak live last Saturday here in Melbourne.  The wonderful people at wake up PROJECT brought Marianne to Australia to do workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

It was a long day 9am until 4pm and boy oh boy did Marianne work the room and give us her all!  So personable, when it was time for questions from the audience she walked off the stage and up to the person that was asking the question.  She made EVERYONE in the room feel that she was talking/listening to them.

One of the affirmations she mentioned a couple of times was this,

I am but a wave, at one with the ocean.  

Gosh I love that.  She also talked about being an instrument of love and being the water NOT the faucet.  Pretty much everything she spoke about resonated with me and is pretty much how I try to conduct my life.  I kind of cringe when the word GOD is mentioned BUT I get that it is a GOD of my own understanding, my GOD is nature, my Reiki practice etc and  nothing at all to do with religion.

We did a few meditations and the audience just felt like one big pink LOVE bubble.  We were asked to introduce ourselves to people either side of us in front of us and behind us.  We were also asked to look at different members of the audience and send them loving wishes.

Marianne is BIG on giving back to the community and really encouraged that we get out and make a difference. One of the charities she does work for is RESULTS.  RESULTS International (Australia) is part of a non-partisan, non-profit, international network of volunteers whose purpose is to generate the public and political will to end poverty.  Their vision is a world without poverty.  I will be looking into how I can help.

She talked about running ethical business's and not playing from your wounds but your strengths.  She confirmed for me that by following my heart and not necessarily what society says I should be doing is being authentic and heartfelt.  We can not be working from love if we are fearful.

My affirmation for the day:
I will blast everywhere I go with love.

I have read The Law of Divine Compensation and will be getting A return to love to read asap.