Reiki 1 for CHILDREN - Developing loving kindness.


Reiki level 1 for children

We are all born with pure nature, heart and mind but as life unfolds we become exposed to many conditions that affect our mental, physical health and wellbeing. On a spiritual level we are born highly intuitive but as adults we are less inclined to believe, trust or accept. This beautiful program helps children stay connected to their own life force energy, to trust their intuition and to develop a heart and mind of love and kindness for the planet and all who reside on it.

Reiki children develop loving kindness to live healthier and happier lives and to share this with their family, friends and pets.

Level 1

Class age groups

10– 12yrs

8-10 yrs

Reiki children learn to:

·      Connect with their own life force energy and become aware of others.

·      Learn techniques to protect themselves using intention.

·      Develop skills in relaxation and meditation

·      Help their family and friends to relax and feel calm

·      Think about healthy living, nutrition, exercise and sleeping.

How we do it:

Small groups of 4-6 children

·      We foster trust, respect, an open heart and mind

·      We use creative ways to understand normal emotions

·      We learn to be present, to listen and to hear

·      We think about our actions the causes and effects

·      Learn different ways to calm and quite the mind

·      Learn different ways to meditate

·      Teach children to help family and friend to relax and be calm

·      We have fun, laugh and make new friends

How can I prepare for my child to attend?

An open heart and mind and willingness to participate

To wear comfortable clothes for sitting and lying on the floor

To sit with the Reiki Master for a meditation to connect with their life force energy.

To bring any medication or treatment plans for allergy management or medical care.

To complete medical and emergency contact forms.


Ongoing support:

Reiki Children’s share groups: 

These groups will run monthly to support growth and maintain a Reiki way.  Parents are welcome to participate in these catch-ups.

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