Welcome 2016

I've just spent the summer school holiday's with my family enjoying the last of the 'pre school' chapter with our youngest girl.  We have both girls attending school. in 2016.  This is a big deal on a couple of levels:

First of all I have been a stay at home mum for the past ten years, now having said that, I have worked here and there but my main focus was on being around for our girls.  We have a five and a half year gap between the two girls, so just as I was ready to get back to me and had given up on ever having another child, we got pregnant!  So the littlest has now become a butterfly and I can now get stuck into my work more than ever, while the girls are off learning more about life and getting an education.

Secondly, did I already say - I can get stuck into my work!?  Earning money to provide for my family and I, whilst getting to do what I love - Working with women and children!  This is exciting and also incredibly scary.  I have felt quite emotional closing off the last chapter.

So expect to see regular updates on this 'NEWS' section.

Starting with these exciting things:

****Just Chillin' Out (Children's meditation) classes start back on Monday Feb 1
****I am back for Reiki sessions on Monday Feb 1
****Daytime meditation kicks off Tuesday Feb 2 from 12-1pm every week during school term ( please txt me to let me know you are coming and PM me to get me to add you to the weekly reminder list)
**** I have Jo Harris a Play Therapist working from Sevenpoints NOW Thursday's/Saturday's - by appointment only. Jo Harris Play Therapy
**** I have Deb Linnell Clairvoyant and Astrologer at Sevenpoints on the last Friday of every month starting Feb 26th.
THERE IS MORE - but that's enough for now!!!

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