Children's decks

There are quite a few decks out there for children, here are FIVE that I use, stock and recommend ;

  1. Cosmos Child - this set has been designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to affirm their 7 foundational needs.  The cards bring awareness to children's needs according to the chakras. Each of the 28 cards has an accompanying reading, supporting parents to encourage and affirm their children's needs in a simple way.  Teaching children how to express their feelings and to know that their needs matter.
  2. Creature Teacher - this beautifully illustrated card set offers a powerful, passionate and to-the-point wisdom to gently encourage young people daily guidance, nurturing and practical support from the animal kingdom, specifically catered towards today’s young people, as they deal with real issues in a real and confronting world.
  3. Rainbow Dreaming - this set contains 50 cards that are beautifully illistrated using the colours of the rainbow and calming mandalas.Each Rainbow Thought Card contains a powerful affirmation, statement or thought to promote positive thinking, provide inspiration and bring balance to a child’s life.The cards help children tap into their inner strength and direct their mindset and perspective towards one of confidence and happiness.  The card set includes instructions outlining different ways to select and use the cards.
  4. Indigo Kidz - this set encourages children to focus on positive ideas, values and feelings to develop a high sense of self-worth, and build confidence. Using these cards is a wonderful way to empower children with positive thoughts to create wonderful life experiences.  All of the Indigo Dreaming Positive Affirmation Cards have a positive statement that promotes positive thinking about themselves and others. 
  5. Teen Angels -  this set is illustrated with manga-style angels to appeal to teenagers, these cards represent 52 different angelic qualities that can be used for guidance, inspiration, and affirmation. The messages address teenage life, with all its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and offer ways in which teens can tune into the higher vibrations of the angelic realms to discover a powerful tool for their own growth and spiritual well-being. 
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