This month we've teamed up with another local business Bayside Farm Box to share the power of essential oils.  Bayside Farm Box is an organic food delivery business that services Melbourne’s Bayside and Inner South East suburbs. They specialise in the home delivery of the freshest certified organic fruit and veg and artisan, Australian made pantry items.  

Over 100 lucky Bayside Farm Box subscribers this week received a FREE 5ml bottle of the stunning doTERRA Wild Orange, a beautiful postcard with our art work and a A4 info sheet on doTERRA Essential Oils.

Adding essential oils to your favorite food dishes and baked goods is a wonderful
way to experience the  flavour-enhancing benefits of essential oils, not to mention their benefits for the body. The smallest amount of essential oils can enhance the  flavour of any entrée, beverage, dessert, marinade, or any other dish that can use complimentary flavours. 

For centuries, essential oils have been used to add flavour to meals because of their potent nature and ability to enhance natural  flavours. When cooking with essential oils, remember, a little goes a long way. Because essential oils are so concentrated, even the tiniest drop can provide a serious amount of flavour.

When cooking with essential oils, rather than adding an entire drop to your dish, dip a toothpick into the bottle to extract flavour and stir the dipped toothpick in with the other ingredients. You can always add more  flavour, but adding too much essential oil could overpower and even ruin the dish.

It may take some experimentation, but as you start to use essential oils to  flavour and enhance your food, you will soon experience the bene ts that these natural extracts have to offer, and enjoy your favorite recipes even more.