I am so proud to share that I am now an aromaZen facilitator!  I have known Michelle ( the creator) for a few years now and I jumped at the chance to learn under her.  I find the aromaZen class a POWERFUL but gentle self care treat.

What is aromaZen?

A truly relaxing and deeply nurturing group guided meditation using the therapeutic doTERRA essential oils. Moving through the chakras, bringing awareness to each energy centre and what emotions and qualities lie with them. Inhaling oils and softly noticing and breathing into each chakra.
Following that lying down and moving though a yoga nidra style deep body relaxation. Letting go of tension and anxiety that we hold in our body and mind and easing the nervous system. 
To finish the journey, when in a state of deep relaxation bathing in a high vibrational healing sound bath, listening to the gongs, the hant drum, percussion and harmonic chimes.

Why aromaZen?

Anxiety and Stress has become the new “dis - ease”  of our generation. Many are finding it more and more challenging to find general ease and happiness in our fast paced, multi-tasking, high pressured, digital world that we live in.

We are missing the warmth and connection from sharing space with each other.

For us to have fulfilling and loving relationships, and to find the courage and drive to step into alignment with our highest purpose, we need to look to ways to support our emotional healing and self-growth.

It is essential to your wellbeing and energy levels to take care by learning and practicing self cleansing and emotional balancing techniques as well as drawing our attention inwards, towards mindfulness and self reflection.

We’ve learnt to listen to our physical needs and are culturally conditioned to use therapy to unravel our minds, however, our energy body often lies at the heart of the ailments manifested.

aromaZen is designed to be suitable for people at any stages of meditation.

It's a guided journey to find inner peace and deep rest to help you build inner strength and a deeper insight into your true self.

Participants are guided through a self healing journey, in a beautiful environment that supports them in feeling safe, supported and inspired.

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October classes:

  • Thursday, October 5, 2017
  • 11:00am  12:30pm


  • Sunday, October 8, 2017
  • 4:00pm  5:30pm
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