I came to you with an open mind and a skeptical personality & can honestly say I was pleased with the result.I appreciated your reminder that I could take what I needed and leave the rest. You weren’t trying to give me answers, merely reminders of the way I had lost. You helped me find the connection between my heart and brain. I’ll be back again, real soon!

Thanks for the Reiki session a few weeks ago Jusy. I found it to be a really warm, positive experience. You confirmed for me that I am on the right path and really helped me get back into meditation and taking time for myself. Bikram yoga next??!! Thank you!

Thanks so much for the Reiki healing on Saturday. It was such a gentle and calm experience. I felt really settled in myself afterwards and even started meditating again, which is great because it’s been ages since I could really sit. You have such a lovely energy! Thanks heaps

Thanks Justine, I always feel so much clearer, calmer and more connected with my own thoughts after seeing you. I take so much away from our sessions and your intuitiveness always amazes me. I look forward to our next session.

Hello Justine, thank you so much for the amazing session yesterday. I already feel energised and found your consultation and treatment to be very beneficial. I have just emailed you to book in my next appointment.

Thanks Justine! I feel empowered to take on this new challenge; you helped me to see the positive benefits from moving on.You are gorgeous!!

Thankyou Justine for the treatment I received. I really felt relaxed and comfortable. Driving home I felt more connected with my higher power and a lot clearer about some more changes I need to make. Thankyou … I will be back. Namaste:)