At Seven Points our classes are intimate, relaxed and welcoming. We offer classes for all ages and all skill levels; each class providing modifications and opportunities to build on or deepen your current practice.

A typical yoga class connects the breath with fluid and smooth movements to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Often incorporating a theme, breath work, sound and yoga philosophy. Presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand, through clear and directed verbal and/or visual cues to guide students deeper into physical and mental practice.

A meditation session can include guided imagery, deep body relaxation or techniques like focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to promote a sense of wellness and self fulfilment. Providing tools to help calm the mind, soothe your soul and connect you with the peaceful sanctuary at the very centre of your being.

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Some things to remember

  • Come to class on a light stomach. Avoid heavy meals 2 – 3 hours prior

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class to ensure that the class starts on time. Once class has begun, you may be refused entry

  • It is your responsibility to always notify the teacher of injuries or medical conditions. This allows teachers to better serve your needs

  • Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing

  • Remove your shoes each time you come into the studio

  • Mobile phones must be on silent before entering premises

  • Keep well hydrated



Vinyasa Flow - 75 mins

Designed for beginners to intermediate, a flowing vinyasa class offers an assortment of postures to get the blood pumping and breath flowing. Modifications for all levels offered as we focus on calming, restoring and balancing the body and mind.

Flow & Yin - 75 mins

Perfect for those seeking a balance of movement and stillness. In this practice you will begin by gently moving the body and with the use of props free the body of tension with deep meditative Yin postures. Suitable for all levels.

Express – 60 mins

A vinyasa style class offering all the benefits but just shortened to fit into your schedule. A flowing sequence to stretch, strengthen and improve mental clarity. Great for days when you feel short on time while still delivering exactly what you need.

Foundations – 60 mins

A flow style class slowed down to explore some of the traditional poses, with a focus on breath, technique and safety. You will be allowed time to understand the basic alignment principles and learn modifications that suit your body. Suitable for all levels and recommended for beginners.

Teen Yoga & Meditation (13yrs +) - 60 mins

Small classes that foster a nurturing and non-competitive environment for teenagers to experiment, take risks and explore the body in a fun way while developing life-long techniques to assist with stress management, acceptance, decision making and focus.
$50 5 Consecutive Weeks   

Women's Circle Mindfulness/Meditation – 75 mins

A relaxed class of guided meditation to improve health and well-being and open the doorway to the authentic self. Meditation is an awe-inspiring technique to relax the body and calm the mind to enhance physical and mental health. Take the time to reconnect and relax in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment surrendering to the purity of inner stillness.

Classes run the 1st and 3rd week of each month.


Child Mindfulness Classes - Just Chillin' Out - 60 min

VIC SCHOOL Term commitment – Click hear to go to our Just Chillin' Out page


Pricing - Yoga

*Classes are limited to 7 unless otherwise indicated – please make your reservation early to avoid disappointment

$25 7 DAY Introductory Pass:
$25 Casual Class:                   
$100 5 Class Pass:                   
$180 10 Class Pass:                 

Private Classes available by appointment - Individual - $40, Group of two - $70, Group of 3 - $90, Group of 4 - $100

Please email Kylie to book your private class


$15 Casual Class:                   
$50 5 Consecutive Weeks   


 Pricing - Meditation

*Classes are limited to 6 unless otherwise indicated – please make your reservation early to avoid disappointment

$25 Casual Class:                   
$100 5 Class Pass:                   
$180 10 Class Pass:                 

Classes run the 1st and 3rd week of each month.

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