At Seven Points our classes are intimate, relaxed and welcoming. We offer a space where you can come and feel held and heard. We work with women and children, sharing different aspects of mindfulness and meditation techniques.

A meditation session can include guided imagery, deep body relaxation or techniques like focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to promote a sense of wellness and self fulfilment. Providing tools to help calm the mind, soothe your soul and connect you with the peaceful sanctuary at the very centre of your being. We run circles for both Women and Children.



Women's Circle
Mindfulness/Meditation – 75 mins

A relaxed class of guided meditation to improve health and well-being and open the doorway to the authentic self. Meditation is an awe-inspiring technique to relax the body and calm the mind to enhance physical and mental health. Take the time to reconnect and relax in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment surrendering to the purity of inner stillness. A place to come and feel heard and held.

Classes run the 1st and 3rd week of each month.

Pricing - Womens Circle

*Classes are limited to 8 unless otherwise indicated – please make your reservation early to avoid disappointment

$25 Casual Class:                   
$100 5 Class Pass:                   
$180 10 Class Pass:                 

Classes run the 1st and 3rd week of each month.


Child Mindfulness Classes
Just Chillin' Out - 60 min

Fun, interactive sessions that teach children about the importance of breath, connection to their body, positive affirmations, guided meditations and group creativity. All classes are small and intimate allowing for genuine caring connections to be made. Everything we do in class can be taken home and applied in the child’s day to day life.

Would you like your kids to:

— Slow down and relax?
— Stop worrying about things?
— Take time away from gadgets and screens?
— Get a better nights sleep?
— Just chill out for a while?

In each class we focus on:

Breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, guided meditation
confident speaking, self-awareness, social connection
exploring interests and feelings creatively

Classes held during VIC school terms
Classes are small. Cost is $20 per class paid in advance per term.



Calm your body
and mind.

Seven Points yoga & meditation classes good vibes only